Elegant Place Card Favors for Your Special Event
Made with the Finest and 100% Delicious Premium Milk or Belgian Chocolate!
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  •      Butterfly Designs are sold in assortments only                DESCRIPTION
    Butterflies Group 1
    Butterflies Group 2
    Butterflies Group 3
    Butterflies Group 4
    Butterflies Group 5
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    Butterflies do not come applied to Seating Bars.
    We suggest applying them AFTER they are put in alphabetical order,
    so that the butterflies can be alternated on the Seating Bars.

    To order butterflies separately, please call our office
    Seating Greetings are elegantly printed on Silver & Gold metallic paper with black print,
    (some accented with colored graphics)  then wrapped  around a 1.30 oz. Belgian Chocolate
    or 2¼ oz. Premium Milk Chocolate bar!  Lay them flat or stand up with mini stands!

    100% Delicious Premium Chocolate--Not Over wrapped Hershey's Bars

    Description: Butterflies measure approx.  2" x 2".  The center adheres and the wings bend up for a 3-Dimensional display.  They are printed in vibrant colors and have a realistic lifelike appearance. 

    This collection is museum quality reproductions featuring original photography by world renowned entomologist Bernard d'Abrera, whose published works are based on the collections held by the British Museum (Natural History) in London, universally regarded at the most important and comprehensive National History collections in the world.

    Conservation:  A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these 3-D butterflies goes towards research and conservation efforts. ...................TOP

    An elegant way to greet your guests and express your gratitude upon their arrival your reception!


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